Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snow but not much of it

Shannon this winter started out strong and then kind of fell flat. Pretty much everyone (including Georgia) got more snow than we did this past winter. It seemed like every major snow storm stopped short of NYC. I'm not complaining and what we did have we used to the fullest. Shannon was a great sport and would get all geared up and we would go outside and play when we could. Dressing a toddler for the snow by the way is exhausting and by the time we were ready to go outside I was ready for a nap.

I have very few pictures of Shannon being pulled around the yard in your radioflyer sled (mostly because I was the one doing the pulling), but that is how I got my winter workout. She also hated walking around in the snow. Her feet would get stuck, and then she would pull her boot off so there was also lots of carrying her around and no hands left for cameras. Luckily aunt Lauren and uncle Dan came up and I was able to get this shot otherwise it would have gone completely unrecorded.

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