Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moving and Shaking

We've got some updates for you on Shannon's progress. Shortly after we got home from Florida she finally figured out how to crawl forward. We really thought she might walk (backwards of course) first before she figured this out. Being able to move around and follow us has really made her a happy camper these days, but that was not enough. Her newest thing is pulling herself up on everything (even things she shouldn't) opening up a whole new dimension of baby-proofing. I've uploaded a short clip of her and all of her new tricks these days. She does something with her tongue that none of us can figure out how to do must be because we have teeth.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day this week. Shannon seemed to really enjoy hers. We got her a cute tee-shirt to mark her first Irish holiday. Unfortunately we are battling another ear infection, and her two bottom teeth are pushing through but she's handling it pretty well. I caught a good picture of just how much drool we are talking about these days it's amazing how much she produces.

For those of you that got this month's Parents magazine I got her to smile by showing her the cute little boy on the cover. She's boy crazy already!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Florida Trip

We spent an amazing week in Florida last week. It was sunny and at least 75 degrees every day. We spent a few days with our friends Jessica and Chris and their daughter Kaitlyn outside of Naples and then headed to Key Largo to visit my grandparents. Shannon did great on the plan and OK in the car. I just kept those banana puffs coming and all was good. It was great to get outside, hit the pool, beach and just be away. Although it's not as relaxing to go on vaca with a 9 month old now I know why people bring nannies and babysitters with them. Next time we're bringing Kiki (my mom) so I can get some more relaxing time in.

Here are some highlights from the trip.

Sunset on the gulf side

Lunch at Naples with the girls

GG and Grandpa

Swimming at GG's and Grandpa's pool

Hanging at the beach was cool but don't try to get me in the ocean I'm a pool girl

I want to go back!!

Florida here we come

This last week was a week of many firsts....

Shannon's first plane ride

The first time at the beach

The first time meeting her BFF Kaitlyn

We left the snow

We left the snow and cold behind and headed to Florida....