Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

So this Christmas morning I manned the camera, I learned my lesson after looking at all of those pictures of me looking like I was dead realizing they will forever be Shannon's first Christmas photos. Shannon got many toys for Christmas this year which helped reinforced my decision not to go overboard for her. We are trying our best to keep it simple for her and not totally overwhelm her but as you can see Grandparents will be grandparents... and that's OK that is their job.

Christmas Day

This year we had the whole Cogan family over to our house for Christmas dinner. I loved having Christmas on a weekend this year I must say even with a whole house full of people it was really relaxing to know that I didn't have to wake up the next morning and go to work.

Shannon got to share in the fun with the rest of her cousins, Nate and Allie, and the four-legged variety Charlie. The rib roast came out great and to accompany the main event I roasted veggies that I picked up at our local farmers market (Butternut squash, beets, and rainbow carrots) which had the most wonderful color. We topped it all off with some green beans that we also quickly roasted on a baking sheet. I have to tell you Olive oil and salt and pepper is all anything needs to roast in.

While I headed to bed early the Cogan siblings kicked it old school and created some ruckas, broke some glasses and may have gotten sick in the snow but no one woke up Shannon so that is a successful Christmas in my book.

Christmas Tree

So for those of you that know us not getting a Christmas Tree last year was a source of much dissent in our house. I fell on the side of we need a tree in order to have Christmas where Dale was less inclined to hassle with the tree stand and mess. Well a huge ice storm made the decision for us and we went without last year. Well this year I put my foot down that we needed a tree and Dale gave in. Of course it just happened to be the coldest day of the year and the only free time we had that Friday night after work. So in those quick 2 minutes I took one look at the rows of trees in the lot stopped at one and said this is it. It fit perfectly and here are photos of Shannon "not" touching the tree. As you'll notice in the decorated version all of the ornaments are on the top one third of the tree. She still managed to get some off and I tried to give her a few within reach that wouldn't break, but Shannon loves balls so those glass balls were irresistible. I am happy to report that there were no major accidents and no tree toppling for Holidays 2009. Big sigh of relief from Dale when the tree made it out of the house.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and aunts and uncles and Shannon being the only little one got plenty of attention. Being the little ham that she is she loved it. Her top gifts were a pink flip cell and a corn popper which she would hand to you and then proceed to run away looking behind her to make sure you were chasing her. Needless to say she bounced off a couple pieces of furniture but luckily no blood or bruises.