Sunday, August 19, 2007

Best Week Ever!!!

Indigo Girls with Brandi Carlile

Can this week get any better? I went from DMB Tuesday night to the Indigo Girls show in Rutland, VT Wednesday night. I'm hitting the road with Emily and Betsy. The Paramount Theater in Rutland, VT holds only 800 people. The Indigo Girls are always great but their opening act Brandi Carlile stole the show. She's amazing. Go see her or buy one of her CD's if you haven't heard her yet she's going to be huge.

Dave Matthews Band

So I thought it would be pretty cool to bring my cousin Maura to her first ever DMB concert. She's 14 and about to turn 15 and that's also when I really got into Dave. So I went online and got us some lawn seats. Then Dale's friend Johna (who is a goddess) gave us some extra inside seats. Little did I know they were 14th row center section !!!! Amazing show. His only in NY. He played for over 3 hours and Trey Anastasio (lead from Phish) came out and did Lie in Our Graves to the surprise of everyone, including Dave. Great show. Maura don't get too used to the seats it doesn't always work out that way.

Aaron Alexander Sherman

We attended a naming ceremony for Aaron Alexander Sherman this weekend at Ariel's parents house in Princeton, NJ. So great to meet the little guy he looks just like his daddy. The Sherman's are all doing well we love you guys.