Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easter on the Beach

This was by far the best part of being in Florida for Easter. We had Easter brunch on the beach. Shannon also thought the beach was nice but there was also a giant bunny walking around so the beach had some stiff competition. We were unsure of how this would go but she continues to amaze us at every turn. As you'll see in the picture "Easter bunny meet my bunny".

And then there was the easter egg hunt on the actual beach. 8,000 easter eggs and each age appropriate sections. We decorated a bag with fabric markers and Shannon really got into it. However, they lined these poor little toddlers up to wait for the actual hunt within site of a slide, swing and all the sand they could imagine to play with. So she had just about had it and then they announced it was time.... in 5 more minutes. AHHHHH! But they finally let them in and Shannon played along but really could have cared less about the eggs. At one point she dropped her bag of eggs and another little guy came along and picked up all the eggs she dropped. Oh well there is always next year.

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