Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shannon's Second Birthday Party

My little girl turned two and as always was the life of her party. She was so excited about her Dora party that I just can't believe that we got her to actually take a nap. I was up pretty much the whole night before working on prepping this Dora cake. I made the cake from scratch using a smitten kitchen recipe for the best birthday cake ever. I also made my own buttercream frosting and dyed each color so that I would have control over how much went into everything. No one was allowed to eat Dora's hair I had to put way too much dye in there to get it dark enough.

The lawn mower from Steph and Joe topped the list of all time favorite gifts. In close second was the Dora couch and pig puppet.

The day was perfect again I can't believe it and we all ate cake and were merry.