Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Shannon is a fish and loves the bath so we thought we would give the pool a try. She loved it... or at least didn't scream at me hard to tell when they aren't smiling too much yet. Don't you just love her bathing suit?

Monday, July 14, 2008

First night in my crib

So Shannon has been getting a little cramped in her bassinet (see picture to the left) so we decided to give her crib a try last night. She's been taking naps in it so I put her down last night. She did great. I however was a nervous wreck, even though the crib is only about 10 steps away from my bed and Dale told me he didn't think I slept at all. She's getting so big!!! 7 weeks today. It's amazing they change every day. I promise to keep our blog updated better. Oh and Ashley I swear I'm not posing her arms like that she really does sleep with her hands up behind her head like that.

Happy Birthday Allie

Allie turned 2 and we celebrated with the Cogan's. Apparently Dale and Shannon celebrated themselves right out.

Grandma strikes again

Seriously I was only gone for like 20 min and I came back and this is what my mother had dressed the baby in :)

Home Improvements

So our new windows were supposed to be here and installed before the baby. But hold up the shipment of the windows a week or two and have your baby come a few weeks early and here we are. Doing home improvements and taking care of a newborn. Check out the before and after pics. We'll update them as we get our siding up, which Dale tells me will be before winter- but probably not much before then:)



Fun pictures of Shannon

Here are some fun pictures of Shannon. We are starting to get the hang of this parenting thing... ya right!! She's training us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Memorial Day was Memorable

So my water broke on Memorial day. Our little girl decided to join this world almost 3 weeks early and feet first to boot. So unfortunately I had to have a c-section but she's healthy and wonderful. Here are her first pictures.