Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone. Shannon went into this weekend with a little fear of baskets and bunnies. We got a package from my Aunt Lisa in Chicago and it was a bunny in a basket. I don't know if it was the plastic wrapping or what but she totally freaked out. Luckily she warmed up to the bunny. We had a great weekend. Dale's cousin Elizabeth came to town on Friday. Then on Sunday we went to church with my parents which was a trip. In Shannon's defense everyone was signing and being loud so naturally she thought nothing of a little singing and shouting even when everyone else wasn't. We finished off the day with dinner at my Aunt and Uncles. I have some really cute pictures that I need to get from that but for now here is her Easter dress. This was post church so the cute shoes that went with it were taken off and thrown across a pew no idea where they are now.

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